Attic Cleaning and Attic Insulation Replacement in Walnut Creek, CA

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There is a room in your house that you probably rarely visit, but could be home to some unwanted guests. Rodents, dust, and/or mold could be infesting your attic space! If you suspect your attic needs cleaning or the insulation replaced, it’s time to contact Aircom.

Having an attic cleaning for your Walnut Creek home by the professionals at Aircom is important for a number of reasons. If you have some of these uninvited guests you will want to get rid of them because they can destroy your attic and insulation. Once the invaders have been taken care of, we can provide attic insulation replacement to ensure that your home will keep your warm or cool air inside where you want it. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your attic cleaning.

Attic cleaning in Walnut Creek during Insulation RemovalAttic Cleaning in Walnut Creek

Why should you get professional attic cleaning? There are several good reasons to have this done. The first reason is to find out if you have small animals living in your attic. Mice and other rodents want to find a nice warm, dry, and quiet place to live, and your attic checks all of the boxes. Unfortunately, they destroy your insulation and can also gnaw on the support beams of your home.

We can get rid of those home wreckers with professional rodent proofing services. Once they are sealed out, we can then proceed with the attic cleaning to get rid of the soiled insulation, debris, and any other garbage.

Attic insulation being replaced in a Walnut Creek, CA, home atticAttic Insulation Replacement in Walnut Creek, California

Once we have cleaned up your attic space, it is important that all of the insulation that we’ve taken out gets replaced. Attic insulation replacement with high-quality blown-in or fiberglass batt insulation will ensure that your home remains energy efficient, and in fact, will be better than before because the insulation isn’t soiled by rodents and dirt. Your home will also be healthier for everyone in the home, so you can quite literally breathe easier knowing Aircom has properly cleaned your attic space!

Don’t ignore that space in your Walnut Creek home, call the experts at Aircom to have them do an attic cleaning as well as attic insulation replacement so that you have a pest-free and clean home.

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