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We all have spaces in our homes that we don’t frequently get to clean, and that includes the attic space. Whether you just purchased a home in Hayward, Oakland, Walnut Creek, San Lorenzo, Concord, or Pleasant Hill, CA, or you have lived here for a while, an attic cleaning from Insulation Solutions by Aircom should be on your list of things to do as part of your routine maintenance for your home. Attics can make great storage areas and are important for insulating your home, but they can also make great homes for rodents, bats, and other critters. And of course, the attic insulation you have should be inspected to see if it needs to be replaced or added to. Just the act of keeping this area clean and clear will have a dramatic impact on your indoor air quality and discourage animals from making it their new home. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your attic cleaning.

Expectations With an Attic Cleaning

Attic insulation in attic before Attic Cleaning in OaklandHaving your attic cleaned means more than just checking on the insulation. You may have old construction debris up there that you didn’t realize, and this can interfere with getting insulation where it needs to be. Attic cleaning also helps to ensure that you can use the space if you ever want to, for storage or other needs. Having a clean attic helps to maintain the insulation lifespan so that it doesn’t need replacing prematurely.

If we find that your insulation has been used as a nesting ground, or that it just has deteriorated where it no longer provides the insulating qualities you need, we can clean all of this out as well. This provides a clean base for the new insulation to be laid down, especially getting into the small crevices where it can make a huge difference in energy bills over the long term.

Keeping Your Attic Clean

Once we have finished with your attic cleaning, it is important to help maintain that. Be aware of what you are putting back in your attic space and why. It can be great for storage but it can also become a black hole where you put things and then forget that they are there. Make it a point to periodically go into your attic, not only to remember what you put there, but to check to see if any new problems have come up since the cleaning was first done.

A clean attic leads to better air circulation as well as an improved understanding of how insulation can make a big difference. Clean attics are also ideal for long-term storage of things that you use infrequently in Sonoma, Napa, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Concord, CA, and the surrounding areas. Bring in our team of experienced technicians from Insulation Services by Aircom for your attic cleaning by contacting us today.

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