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How old is the insulation in your attic in Pleasant Hills, CA? Have you had any leaks in your roof? What kind of attic insulation do you have in your home? The truth is that attic insulation doesn’t last forever, and you need to have attic insulation replacement from time to time.

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Inside of Attic with Rodent Feces Before Rodent Proofing in Pleasant HillWhen To Replace Your Attic Insulation in Pleasant Hill

The insulation that we have in our home’s attic is something that we rarely think about. Do you have enough? Has it gotten wet? Maybe you never had enough to begin with. The truth is that whatever you have for attic insulation will only last so long before it should be replaced. Whether you have roll insulation or blown insulation, they each have a limited shelf life. It is worth having your attic insulation checked out to see if it should be added to or replaced.

Roll insulation is said to be effective for nearly 100 years, but this would be under ideal conditions. In actual practice roll insulation in your attic has a useful life of between 15 and 20 years because it isn’t in ideal conditions. Your attic could become wet, it definitely is dirty, and might house pests. All of these work against the longevity of your roll insulation. Blown insulation isn’t much better because it is susceptible to the same effects. Its useful life extends to about 30 years before it should be replaced.

Attic insulation in Pleasant Hill, CAWhat To Replace Your Attic Insulation With

For most homeowners, they will end up doing attic insulation replacement with the same material that was taken out. These are very common and are not very expensive. Another option that is becoming more popular is spray foam insulation. This insulation is sprayed on and it expands to fill in all the cracks. This insulation will never rot or degrade, and very few scenarios will require it to be replaced. When you need attic insulation replacement for your Pleasant Hills, CA home, give a call to AirCom and have our technicians come to check out your attic insulation. We’ll help to keep your home energy efficient.

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Developed largely in the years following World War II, the area did not have a post office until 1948. The city was incorporated in 1961. For most of its history, Pleasant Hill did not have a true downtown or Main Street. On February 21, 1967, Century 21 Theaters opened an 895-seat dome theater between Monument Boulevard and Hookston Road. Visible from the freeway after it was constructed, the futuristic dome-topped cinema became an iconic landmark for the newly incorporated city.