Crawl Space Cleaning In Sonoma, Napa, Oakland, Walnut Creek, & Concord, CA, including the East & North Bay and the surrounding areas.

It's common for a home to have a crawl space, but it's not common for a homeowner to clean it!

Crawl spaces can be tight, damp, and filthy, making it difficult to maintain yourself. Insulation Solutions has the equipment and experience needed to handle crawl space cleaning for your Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties, CA home.

Crawl spaces need periodic cleaning and protection, and the team at Insulation Solutions is ready to help make your crawl space clean and safe. Is your crawl space a breeding ground for mold, harboring rodent nests, or full of debris? Is moisture damage wreaking havoc on the foundation of your home? We provide crawl space cleaning, rodent proofing, crawl space encapsulation, insulation replacement, and more. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a cleaning.

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Crawl space cleaning a Hayward, CA, home

Benefits of Crawl Space Cleaning

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Crawl Space Moisture Barrier in Oakland, Concord, Pleasant Hill, San Lorenzo, Walnut Creek, and Hayward

Crawl Space Moisture Barrier

If your crawl space has moisture issues, this can start to rot the floor joists or cause mold growth. Crawl space moisture barriers are the best way to keep this moisture at bay. When your crawl space is properly encapsulated, you will have a dry, clean space under your home – no more worries about having excess moisture causing issues in your home’s crawl space! Installation of a dehumidifier may be necessary for significant moisture.

Mice in Attic Needing Rodent Proofing in Oakland, Walnut Creek, San Lorenzo, Concord, Hayward, and Pleasant Hill

Crawl Space Rodent Proofing

While in your crawl space cleaning out the area, we will be looking for signs that rodents and other vermin are making a home under your home. We will look for any small spaces that they can get through and seal these up to prevent them from gaining access in the future. Cleaning up their nests, any droppings, as well as any dead animals will happen first, then the area will be prepped for adding the crawl space moisture barrier to keep humidity down.

Crawl Space Cleaning & Insulation Professionals

Crawl spaces are important areas of your Napa, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Marin, Concord, Hayward, Oakland, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and the surrounding area home that you need to take care of. Don’t just ignore the space and hope that everything is okay, contact our team of professionals at Insulation Solutions to have them do a crawl space cleaning and make your crawl space safe and dry.

Our services are structured to improve the safety and energy efficiency of your crawlspace (or attic).

This service may include removing damaged insulation, removing and cleaning up any rodent waste, and disposing of any construction debris that should not have been left behind.

Schedule an attic cleaning or crawl space cleaning appointment today for a healthier indoor environment, lowered energy costs, and better HVAC system efficiency.

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