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Taking care of your home involves a lot of different activities. One of these activities should include rodent proofing your Walnut Creek’s attic and/or crawlspace to prevent them from nesting and creating areas of filth in different areas of your home. The team at Aircom are experts at not only removing rodents and cleaning up their dirty areas but also then going the extra step for rodent proofing the areas to prevent them from coming back. Often times these animals seek shelter in attics and/or crawl spaces of homes, so we offer attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning on top of removing the rodents and doing rodent proofing services. Contact us today to learn more.

Rodent proofing in Walnut Creek, CA, with 3 rats in an AtticAttic Cleaning in Walnut Creek

One of the most common areas of your Walnut Creek home that rodents tend to congregate in is the attic. This is also where you have a lot of insulation, and when you have rodents you have droppings, urine, and other nasty elements that foul your insulation and can cause health issues to anyone in your home.

We will clean up your attic, remove the damaged insulation, and rodent-proof the area as well. Mice and other vermin can get through very small cracks and will even gnaw their way through to get to a safe, warm space. We have a proven method to keep these animals from coming back, which then allows us to replace the insulation in your attic, and makes it safe to store things as well if you decide to.

Damaged insulation rodent proofing in Walnut Creek, CACrawl Space Cleaning and Rodent Proofing in Walnut Creek, California

Another space in your Walnut Creek home where rodents tend to congregate is in the crawl space underneath your home. This space is there to run cables, pipes, and other things, and if not maintained these crawl spaces can turn into rodent harboring spaces.

We will come to perform a crawl space cleaning under your home, then take steps for rodent-proofing your crawl space to prevent them from coming back and causing further damage. Don’t let things fester in your attic or crawl space, call in our team at Aircom to help eliminate the problem and keep it from coming back.

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As settlers from the United States arrived following the US annexation of California after victory in the Mexican–American War, a small settlement called “The Corners” emerged. The first town settler was William Slusher, who built a dwelling on the bank of Walnut Creek, first called “Nuts Creek” by Americans in 1849. In December 1862 a United States Post Office was established here, named “Walnut Creek”.